Venus in astrology - what to do about malefic venus

This is because the planetary position of Venus alone can determine how materialistically fulfilled or deprived the life of the native would be.
Venus signifies love, romance, and the comforts of life. That is why people with good Venus always savor the materialistic pleasures such as they get all the luxuries in their home, they get a beautiful life partner, and they are blessed by beautiful faces.
However, when Venus is in a bad aspect, it does the opposite. The person may not be that good-looking; he might face delays in marriage and won’t get a beautiful life partner. He would also be deprived of luxuries and materialistic comforts in life. He would struggle hard to save his money and making ends meet.
That is why everyone wants Venus to be benefic, and hence people often opt for astrological remedies and astrologers that you would find at the end of this write-up. Let’s get to know some more things about Venus.
Planet Venus in Vedic astrology
Venus is a benefic planet like Jupiter, and the position of it greatly influences one’s life. As Jupiter signifies Lord Vishnu as per Hindu mythology, Venus signifies Goddess Laxmi as it is considered as a female planet. It is said that the person who has both of these planets on the benefic side in his horoscope is meant to be utmost successful, happy, and blessed with all worldly pleasures.
Getting back to Venus, the planet rules over two zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. That is why people of these signs are always more inclined toward materialism, and they always crave a heavenly living space. Venus gets exalted in Pisces at 28 degrees, and it gets debilitated in Virgo at 28 degrees.
Venus, when resides in the 7th house, ensures the native a beautiful life partner and a spicy sexual life. 
Let’s explore more about Venus and which aspects the planet signifies-
Body Parts: Venus rules over your eyes, throat, cheeks, chin, and kidneys. So when Venus gets malefic, the person feels trouble in these areas.
Physical appearance: People with benefic Venus have a charming personality, pleasant voice, attractive smile, and overall aura that draws people to them.
Diseases: Venus is related to diseases of ovaries, skin disease, swelling, Goitre, Gout, Anaemia, and other body parts if the individual does over-eating and over-drinking of unhealthy beverages.
Professions: Careers that need artistic abilities are signified to Venus, such as actors, singers, painters, writers, and painters. As Venus also signifies beauty, makeup artists and perfumery are also related to Venus.
Remedies for Malefic Venus
If one suffers from the bad effects of Venus, indulging even some of these remedies in your life would bring great benefits.
White, cream and the shades of pink also denote Venus. Hence you should wear these colors often.
One should be faithful to his partner and respect women in your home and outside your home.
Since Venus is considered as Goddess Laxmi, worshipping her helps you attain her blessings that you would encounter an improved financial condition. Reciting Shri Sooktam also pleases Laxmi.
If you observe fast on Fridays for Laxmi, you would soon notice significant improvements.
If you donate things on Friday to poor people, it earns you good karma and relieves you from the malefic effects of Shukra. Things that can be donated: Curd, Kheer, Jwar, Perfume, Silver, and Rice.
You can also recite the mantra of Venus that is “Aum DraamDreemDroum Sah ShukrayaNamah!” However, you can always call an astrologer or a priest to your home before performing any such Pujas or reciting such mantras for further guidance.
Another mantra for planet Venus in “Aum Shum ShukrayaNamah!”
One who wears Shukra Yantra on Friday also receives the grace of Venus. Make sure you make it during the Hora and Venus Nakshatras.
The 6 Faced Rudraksha signifies Venus, hence wearing this Rudraksha bead while purifying it and chanting its mantra, you would set yourself for the glory of Venus.
Before you opt for any of these remedies, you need to be ensured if you really have Venus malefic in your natal chart as one should not strengthen a planet that is already benefic. So consult a professional astrologer today and get details about your planetary positions.

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